The brief for this project was to find a way to pass on the wealth of knowledge gained from relationships built over decades between staff and residents of Murraypark Hospital. The residents were moving to new homes and staffing teams as Murraypark was closing, and staff wanted a way to share the personal as well as the practical aspects of handing over to new people and places.

When we met the staff team, we asked them to tell us the sorts of things that wouldn’t necessarily be seen as something to write down in a transition plan, instead to tell us the moments that capture the personality of the people they knew so well. We brought writer Pauline Goldsmith along to help capture this incredible detail, which she turned into text for a book for each person. Stories about banter, holidays, ordinary days, favourite habits and best days – subtle things only time spent supporting someone over a decade would know.

We needed something visual, as a sort of signpost that these books exist, and as we listened, we could visualise objects which tell a story about something important to each person. Such as a vinyl sticker saying ‘Take me outside’ for their new bedroom window to remind everyone just how much he loves being outside, or a distinguished gilt edged portrait for someone described as a Laird in another life.

Window vinyl sticker and walkers hip flask for someone who loves the outdoors


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A silver swear box for someone who enjoys colourful language!

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The ‘Look in my Book’ concept


Sound modules for someone who loves music


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